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AKPhA represents over 200 health-system, chain and community pharmacist and technican members statewide.  For twelve straight years, pharmacists have earned one of the top three positions in the Gallup Integrity Survey measuring the public's trust of diverse professions.  Below are articles written by our members and other programs available in our communities.

Dealing with Dementia:  Facts on Treatment, Options
Nancy Frei, PharmD, Fairbanks
Article posted in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, January 2015

Summary of DEA Final Rule Regarding Disposal of Controlled Substances   CLICK HERE 
NGA Support for the Expanding Role of Pharmacists (Fall 2015)
Courtesy of NASPA, Ntl Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations   Click HERE
Proper Drug Disposal Keeps Kids, Environment Safe
Article ran in Eagle River Star about Drug Take Back event September 26, 2015


Office of National Drug Control Policy

Download and display a poster from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. A video clip also shows how to dispose of medications.

Katy's Kids

Katy's Kids is a community education program for pharmacists or student pharmacists to teach kindergarten to 2nd grade classrooms.  The goal of Katy's Kids is to improve the health literacy of a community by teaching appropriate medication use at a young age.


Know Your Dose Campaign- Suggested Cold and Flu Message November 2011