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Co-Chair Ashley Schaber, PharmD, BCPS, arschaber@anthc.org
Co-Chair Michelle Locke, PharmD, mrlocke@anthc.org


2nd Annual Fall CE Conference--September 30, 2017
Hotel Alyeska, Girdwood
More information and registration links will be posted here Summer of 2017


AKPhA Announces Affiliation with the American Society of Health System Pharmacists

AKPhA is pleased to announce the formation of the new Health-System Pharmacy Academy and the recent affiliation with American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.  This initiative was started last year in response to requests of several AKPhA health-systems members.  It has been an extensive process supported by the AKPhA Board and ASHP.  Academies are component groups established by the Board of Directors, comprised of AKPhA members who share a similar practice interest.   The purpose of academies is to provide services and represent members within these groups.  The Health-Systems Academy is in the early development stages. Over the next several months, we will be working with ASHP and other state affiliates to lay the initial ground work for the development of the Academy. 

If you are interested in joining the Academy, please email to akphrmcy@alaska.net to receive future correspondence.  If you are interested in serving on the Executive Committee for the Academy, please note that in your email as well. AKPhA appreciates your support as this initiative moves forward.  

AKPhA will send a survey to the members to gain feedback on goals for the Academy and to further assess the needs of pharmacists working in health-systems.

STRATEGIC PLAN:  Click HERE to view the 2017-2018 Strategic Plan

PRESENTATION--AFFILIATE DIRECTOR, BEVERLY BLACK (Given 11/12/14):  Click HERE to download pdf.

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