Advertising Rates

Quarterly newsletter and website of the Alaska Pharmacists Association

The Alaska Pharmacists Association (AKPhA) members include pharmacy owners, employee pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in all areas of practice, students, drug wholesalers and manufacturers.


Print Newsletter Advertising Rates

Black and white, per issue


                                   Members        Nonmembers

Full Page                     $500.00           $1000.00

1/ 2 Page                      $350.00           $ 700.00

 1/4 Page 

(Or business card)     $100.00           $200.00


(Employment Ads- Rates include website posting and Email message.)


Website ONLY Employment/Classified Ad (Posted 90 days)

                                        $50.00                $100.00



Acceptance: AKPhA reserves the right to reject any advertisement or to require that the word “advertisement” appear in any ad.

Closing Dates: Materials are due for space on the 5th of the month of publication.      (January, April, July & October)

Payments: All payments are due 30 days from date of invoice.

Revised 9/9/15